St. Pr. Mare Madonna PUR


Bavarian Warmblood, born March 25, 2010
Color: black
Size: 1,68 m
Breeder: Monika Schuster, Hohenpeißenberg

State Premium candidate since June 2013

Broodmare performance test, finished her 14-day test with 8.49.






Madonna PUR, a self-assured and strong moving Bavarian mare

Madonna PUR made a very special impression already at the foal auction in the Olympic indoor in Munich-Riem in 2010. Just before, her 3-year older full sister Madame Couleur had been presented here where she demonstrated excellent rideability and movements so light that it seemed she hardly touched the ground. Madonna’s sister Madame Couleur was the Champion Mare of the 2009 State Show in Munich-Riem and the winner of her broodmare performance test.

With a concentration of performance sires on both the sire’s side as well as the dam’s side of her pedigree, Madonna PUR is an honorable representative of the outstanding sires Fürst Grandios / Fürst Heinrich / Florestan and Don Primero / Donnerhall / Pik Bubo. More


Fürst Grandios
Old 2002
dunkelbraun 1,69 m
Fürst Heinrich Florestan  Fidelio
Dawina  Donnerhall
E.St. Gritt Argentinus  Argentan I
Griselda  Barsoi XX
Bayern 1995
schwarz-braun 1,65 m
Don Primero GP Donnerhall  Donnerwetter
Fantasia  Pik Bube I
Mareika Rasso  Ramiro Z
Mikani XX  Appiani XX
 Mikida XX

Bavarian Warmblood life number DE 481810072110
Percentage Thoroughbred/Arabian: 35.16%

Madonna PUR under saddle of Christoph Winkels at München-Riem in september 2014


Madonna PUR at Dressurpferde-Leistungszentrum Lodbergen 2014


Madonna PUR at the 14-day broodmare performance test November/December 2013 – with a total score of 8.49

Madonna is an exceptional mare as far as sport is concerned. Her versatile talents were confirmed at the broodmare performance test. It was too bad that she injured herself (strained muscle in her front leg – but was OK again the end of December) and couldn’t participate in the final test on December 5th. So her final score is the result of the preliminary test and a projection of the other scores.  But she still finished with an outstanding overall score of 8.49 which was the second best result at the test. Her scores in the preliminary test confirm her special quality: Behavior in the stables 10.0; behavior at work 9.5; walk 9.5; trot (still) 8.5; canter 9.5; rideability (still) 8.5; free jumping 8.0. Total: 9.07 !

You can see that the powerful and supple movement repertoire of her sire, Fürst Gradios, is reflected in Madonna. But the genes of her dam’s sire, Don Primero – an international Grand Prix winner – also slumber in her and are just waiting to be brought out and enhanced. At Dressurpferde Leistungszentrum Lodbergen she has just the right master to achieve this – the accredited master of equitation and advanced (S) level dressage rider Melanie Tewes will carefully bring out her talents and make this ‘raw diamond’ shine. The health check-up carried out at Dr. Brems’ Veterinary Clinic in Zormeding, including X-rays, confirmed her excellent health and condition so now we hope that a fit and healthy Madonna will take part in 2014 sporting events.

Madonna PUR at the Bavarian State Broodmare Show June 2013 – where she was awarded State Premium candidate status

Madonna PUR back in Bavaria since March 3, 2013 – demonstrates freedom at the shoulder and good hind leg action



2011 Madonna PUR Gestüt Bernhard & Sabine Langels, Schäplitz

in August 2011

in Bad 2011

in Spring 2011

2010 Madonna PUR  breeder: Schuster, Hohenpeißenberg