Important events at a glace


  Wiyana PuR, a mare her father Sezuan
The 1 of june 2018 Wiyana, daughter of our St.Pr.cand. Winterromanze was born. Her father Sezuan confirmed his outstanding talent. With dream marks 10.0 judges valued his spectualar canter and his absolutely amazing overall impression.
Hadiya PuR  State Premium candidate since September 2017
At her height of 1,71 cm it was very well for her to have one more year before she was presented at the mare presentation in Mainburg. She impressed with her excellent walk, trot, canter and gallop flowing through her body and her balance.
  Winterromanze PuR is one of the best 13 mares of her age in Bavaria
We are very proud of our Winterromanze.  Munich-Riem was the venue where she  competed for State Premium candidate status – and she did well here. She was able to show her nobel and self-assured manners and impressed the spectators with her excellent walk, trot, canter and galopp.
Karim PuR – a colt, his father Perpignan Noir
10th of april 2017, our mare Karmencita gave birth to her 2nd foal – this time an excellent colt. His name – Karim – stands for noblesse, elegance, serenity and friendliness. We were surprised – concerning the color of his sire – black and of his dam – dark brown that he is a shining fox.
   Moreno PuR – a colt, his father Morricone
25th of march 2017, our mare Winterfee gave birth to her 5th foal. Shortly after his birth – he was lying still a little wet in the straw – Moreno was very impressive. People were sure that he presents himself as a sire.
IMG_0819 Donauperle – premium mare candidate
Donauperle is a very noble, gentle and friendly young mare. She impresses because of her supple, dynamic movements and self-assured manner. Her calm and clear character also stood out. Since end of may she is a premium mare at the mare registration.
image 5 Free Jazz wins under the saddle of Stella-Sabrina Wittek in may 2016 silver and 2times gold
The training of Stella-Sabrina Wittek was very successful in the last months. At his first time ever in a competition Free Jazz won silver – against a strong field. At his 2nd and 3rd start he was the winner and won gold.
 IMG_5180  Sean PuR – a colt, his father Sezuan and our state premium mare Winterfee
26th of march, our mare Winterfee gave birth to her 4th foal – this time a excellent colt. His father Sezuan left no doubt about his outstanding talent in the six-years-old class in 2015. With dream mark 10.0 the judges valued his spectacular canter and his absolutely amazing overall impression. Sean PuR has a special character and radiation, a solid foundation. Like his parents he is black with wonderful markings.
 DSC_3244  KaraMia PuR – the first foal of our state premium candidate mare Karmencita
 The first filly of our Karmencita was born the 31st of march 2016. As her father, Honoré du Soir, is a Trakehner premium sire, KaraMia is carried on long and slender legs. She combines old Trakehner type – having nobleness, charm and that special wy with very dynamic and elegant movements.
 Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-25 um 11.40.50  Fürst Furioso demonstrates his quality
Two times ridden at the longe and 3 times free riding he demonstrates his potential. He is a true son of his father Fürstenball and true grandson to his grandfather Jazz (father of his mother). Fürst Furioso is ridden by Stella-Sabrina Wittek with sensitivity and a fine hand.
IMG_1631 (1) Diamond’s Painted Black – at his second FEI competition once more successful 
Under saddle of young Christina Gränzdörfer the pony stallion is once more successful. Being the youngest and unexperienced participant he wins a bronze medal with 66,8% at his second FEI competition. We are very proud.
IMG_2818 Fürst Furioso – 3 year old son of Fürstenball 
This young stallion impresses by his friendly, chairming and self- conscient behavior. His father Fürstenball is pure fascination. Equipped with a maximum amount of easy elegance, suppleness and elasticity, he is the embodiment of the modern dressage horse.
DSC_1508 Free Jazz  – high potential for dressage
Free Jazz is developing his high potenzial for dressage. People appreciate especially his canter as well as trot and walk. Like father and son, his father Foundation belongs to the German Premium One-percent-Dressage-Sires – being one of the youngest sires.  He is on his way to find a  rider with ambitions for the “big tour” so that his potential will grow steadily.
Grace of Boston – impressing by noblesse and potenzial for dressage 
In type, charisma, interior, quality of movements she resembles her half-brother, Borsalino, the Winner 2014 in Westphalia. She is a very fine horse always friendly and easy to hand. She is the perfect horse for Pony-Rider who are about to switch to larger horses.
IMG_1634 Diamond’s Painted Black – the Pony won gold-and silver medal 
At the Rheinischen Meisterschaften with his 13 year old rider Christina Gränzdörfer he was successful at L- level tests for young riding and dressage horses and won a gold- and silver-medal. He is again qualified for the qualified for the Bundeschampionat  in Warendorf 2015.
Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-06 um 15.35.48 Winterwind PUR, promising young stallion, son of our State Premium Winterfee
As a son of Herakles he presents himself in an excellent manner. Winterwind is friendly, very people-oriented and eager to learn. As a grandson of Gribaldi, Ovaro, Schiffon and Vivius, he will prove his talent for dressage. We are curious about his development being trained at Gestüt Hohenschmark.
DSC_1085 All the Best PUR shows his potential at his first presentation in public
As a son of Gribaldi the worldbest dressage stallion in 2014, All the Best PUR shows his potential at the dressage-assessment with Klaus Balkenhol. Under the saddle of Sorrell Klatzko he showed his talent for the upper dressage. In a training session of only one hour based on classical riding he impressed by his learning attitude.
IMG_0254 Free Jazz at Sorrell Klatzko and Alex Kinsella
Since december 2014 Free Jazz is schooled by Grand Prix rider Sorrell Klatzko an her partner, event rider Alex Kinsella. Free Jazz demonstrates once more his talent for the upper dressage. He is very relaxed and he receives best score for his interior.
Bildschirmfoto 2014-12-15 um 09.15.59 Schwalbenmelodie PUR showed her potential for the upper dressage see video
Since the beginning of November, Schwalbenmelodie is schooled by Christoph Winkels.
Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-15 um 20.27.57 Pergentino PUR –    see Video –  sold at the Trakehner Hengstmarkt
Pergentino  has developed his gait, not only his walk, trot and canter but as well his personality. He is very charming, friendly and able to adjust easily to new circumstances.  At the Stallion Market in Neumünster he was sold to professional dressage riders from Luxemburg.
DSC_0549  Madonna PUR won silver medal with 8.5
The training of Christoph Winkels shows excellent results. She won in her first three results in novice A level test for young dressage horses two times bronze, and silver with an overall result of 8.5. The judges described her as “… highly elegant dressage horse, presenting walk, trot and canter very fresh, relaxed, with an upward trend.”
 IMG_2089 tudor Tudor – being prepared for Trakehner-Hengstmarkt – sold
It will be the first time that stallions at an age of three years will be presented under saddle. Tudor, as a vice champion of the international Trakehner Championship in Hannover, will be one of them. Under saddle of Sascha Böhnke he improved his ability – as you may see.
 org - Arbeitskopie Ali All the Best PUR shows his potential in september been schooled in München-Riem
Since 3 months All the Best develops his talent for the upper dressage under the saddle of Christoph Winkels.  As a son of Gribaldi, the top sire, he develops as well his personality with excellent walk, trot, canter and galopp.
 DSC_9674 chiqui Karmencita PUR  successful at the Federal Mare Show with silver and bronze medals
At the Trakehner Federal Mare Show in Neustadt/Dosse won the silver medal in her first A level test for young dressage horses and the silver medal in the test for 3-4 year old riding horses. As a member of the mare family Karena III she received the bronze medal.
DSC_0493_2 Madonna PUR under saddle of Christoph Winkels
Her trainer, Christoph Winkels, is bringing up her potential capacity systematically for her age in novice A level test for young dressage horses. Madonna presents more and more her quality to keep balance, rhythm, tempo, regularity, and impulsion with an upward trend.
 DSC_7129_2 Pergentino PUR qualified for Trakehner Hengstmarkt
At the 18th of august, Pergentino PUR, was assessed at Hof Heitholm, Kiel, and is invited to present himself as a stallion candidate in Neumünster at October 16th to 18th. He impressed us as a charming, self-assured stallion, all three gaits are fine. While free jumping the onlookers applauded spontaneously.
 tudor 2 Tudor again qualified for Trakehner Hengstmarkt
In July 2014 Tudor took 2nd place as a stallion of 3 years of age at National Trakehner Show in Hannover. In August at Hämelschenburg, he was assessed and is invited to present himself as a stallion candidate in Neumünster at October 16th to 18th. We are looking forward to this big event.
DSC_7744_2 Iceman PUR took first place in novice A level test for young dressage horses  – August 2014
After 12 months of being schooled in jumping – this was the result of a 4 month training in dressage. His trainer, Christoph Winkels, realized to bring up his potential capacity. Iceman presented a very fine trott and walk, canter was extraordinary in a field of strong competitors. We are looking forward to his performance and how he will present himself at the next competition.
 Madonna 3_7_2014 Madonna PUR Championesse at her first competition in Bavaria with 8,5 – July 2014
3rd of July 2014. Madonna – under saddle of Christoph Winkels – was best in the test for 3-4-year old riding horses in a field of strong competitors. The judges pointed out that she showed – even at her young age – a special balance and regular gait. The scores were as follows: trott 8.5, canter 9.0, walk 8.5, training level 8.5,  conformation 8.0.
Karmencita juni 14 01 Karmencita PUR State Premium candidate since June 2014
Mainburg, 22nd of June 2014. Karmencita is championesse of mares 4 years and older at the mare registration. She is premium mare o the Trakehner Verband and State Premium Candidate of Bavaria.  She presented trott, canter and walk in an excellent demeanour. We are very proud on our young mare that presented herself very cool.
DSC_6289 Winterromanze PUR, born March 2014 in Beimerstetten, March 29, 2014
Our St.Pr. and Pr.St. Winterfee gave birth to a filly. Her sire is the Oldenburg premium stallion For Romance, a Fürst Romancier son. Right from the first hour, Winterromanze proved to be extremely agile. With her well-formed body, good conformation and lovely eyes, she is quite impressive and we already treasure her dearly. We are eager to see how she will develop.
  DSC_4679 Hetidze v. H. PUR is under saddle again – January 2014
After a 2-year “foal pause” our Pr.St. and St.Pr. Stute Hetidze v. H. has been under saddle again since the beginning of January 2014. We are delighted that she is being further schooled by Nicole Raili, an advanced (S) level dressage rider. They have also started some muscle training and Hetidze is just as motivated as she was before she gave birth to her foals. In a few months from now, Nicki will probably be back where Hetidze was two years ago, which means starting the basics for piaffe, passage and pirouette.
Madonna news Madonna PUR – Broodmare performance tested with 8.49 – December 2013
Madonna did a magnificent job at her 14-day broodmare performance on December 5, 2013, in Munich-Riem, finishing with a score of 8.49. All three gaits are outstanding and leave nothing to be desired. Her high rideability and her especially friendly disposition when being handled, even though she has only been under saddle for just three and a half months now, are convincing arguments for this mare. Highly motivated and always willing to perform, this Fürst Grandios daughter has plenty of potential for sport.
Iceman news Iceman PUR has been schooled in jumping since November 2013
Iceman, our charmer with versatile talents, has been spreading his charm at the former State Stud Landshut since November 2013. We are very happy that he has been put in the master hands of Giggi Lindner, a very experienced show jumping rider. The ABCs necessary for developing his outstanding jumping ability are now being learned. With her fine hands and endearing manner, Giggi will guide Iceman‘s enduring willingness to perform and his absolutely electric ability to react in the right direction and it’s already obvious how good he will be in sport later.
Donauperle news Donauperle PUR since November 2013 in the south
Donauperle is by the championship stallion Herakles – just like Winterwind. She impressed us when she was presented at the side of her premium dam – Donaukaiserin – very self-assured, at Gestüt Hohenschmark. All eyes were on her because of her dynamic movements that simply flow through her entire body. She left for southern Germany where she will now be raised.
 fuerst furioso news Fürst Furioso PUR since October 2013 in Dierstorff
This strong moving colt by the winner of the licensing, winner of the stallion performance test and Bundeschampionat winner, Fürstenball, fascinated us just like his half-brother Free Jazz did the year before. His dam Joy, head mare in the Wittlinger family’s stables in Beimerstetten, Schwäbischer Alb, has a very special aura that she passes on to her sons. Fürst Furioso will now grow up as a stallion prospect together with our Winterwind on spacious pastures in Dierstorff, just in front of the gates to Hamburg.
Winterfee news Winterfee PUR receiving a State Premium – September 2013
Winterfee, our versatilely talented broodmare, did a wonderful job when she presented herself in Mainburg at the Trakehner mare registration event, convincing those responsible. The Breeding Director happily announced: Winterfee receives a State Premium. She was accompanied by Winterwind, of course, who also won the hearts of spectators. She earned a couple extra stars herself as a proud dam who also reliably passes on strong traits.
2013-09-15 12.29.49-2 Schwalbenmelodie PUR State Premium candidate since September 2013
Our 3-year old mare Schwalbenmelodie by the Elite Stallion, Kostolany, demonstrated nerves of steel and was very self-assured at the mare registration event in Mainburg. She showed gaits of outstanding quality and her ability at the jump in front of the registration committee and the spectators was impressive. She is now being ridden and schooled by Nicole Raili to prepare her for the broodmare performance test which she will take in 2014.
Hetidze mit Hadiya 08-2013_3 Hadiya PUR foal registration – 9.5 for canter – August 2013
With applause by the spectators and the highest recognition for her outstanding canter with royal carriage – a score of 9.5 – Hadiya presented herself alongside her proud dam, Hetidze, at the Trakehner foal registration event in Bavaria. She was declared a top foal and invited to compete in the Bavarian Trakehner Foal Championships. The praise given in the comments made by the evaluating judge (see/listen to the video) certainly made us happy. Hadiya is the best Trakehner filly in the Bavarian breeding area (shared 1st place).
Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-26 um 20.49.34 Sir Easy PUR Reserve Champion – National Trakehner Show – July 2013
Sir Easy made his debut with his new rider, Melanie Tewes, after just three weeks getting to know each other. He has been at the Dressurleistungszentrum Lodbergen since the end of June where he is being further trained. Even after this short period of working with Melanie they won silver and he was the best stallion in his age class in the elementary (L) level test for 5 and 6-year old dressage horses.  Sir Easy is proving to be extremely rideable and very supple plus he sure has elegant looks.
IMG_0927 Hadiya PUR born in June 2013
We hoped that our noble sport mare, St.Pr. and Pr.St. Hetidze, would give us a filly. She fulfilled our wish and we have named her Hadiya which means ‘a gift long yearned for’ in Suaheli“. That’s a perfect name for this little royal personality who has been busy discovering the world in her inherent saucy and joyful manner. Dam Hetidze v.H. and sire Schwarzgold both passed on their very best traits. She looks very much like her dam, only her blaze has ‘slipped’ a bit.
Bildschirmfoto 2013-11-13 um 16.15.05 Madonna PUR – State Premium candidate since June 2013
Munich-Riem was the venue where Madonna competed for State Premium candidate status – and she did well here. She was able to show her strong and active hind quarters to advantage and impress the spectators with her friendly and self-assured manner. She will be sent to the advanced (S) level dressage rider, Melanie Tewes, who is at Dressurleistungszentrum Lodbergen. Their next big goal is the broodmare performance test the end of November that will be held at the Olympic equestrian facility in Munich-Riem.
Madonna April 2013 Madonna PUR back in Bavaria April 2013
Our 3-year old Bavarian mare, Madonna, who was born in Hohenpeißenberg in Bavaria and grew up in a herd of mares on extensive pastures in Schäplitz, will be leaving her familiar surroundings. She will be sent to Anton Schindele in Algäu to learn the ABCs so she can present her outstanding gaits to advantage. He will prepare her for the Bavarian mare registration event in Babenhausen and we hope very much that she will qualify for the Bavarian State Broodmare Show while she is at the registration event.
winterwind_märz 13 Winterwind PUR born in March 2013
Schäplitz, March 29, 2013. Our Pr.St. Winterfee gave birth to a colt. His sire is the premium stallion  Herakles, a Gribaldi son. Herakles comes from the same dam line as our St.Pr. and Pr.St. Hetidze v.H. Winterwind is black, just like his half-sister Winwin. He is distinguished by a strong, highly refined Trakehner look. Saucy and full of energy, he is now discovering the world around him.  One of Frederic Chopin’s very dynamic études was named Winterwind – and the name fits this very lively colt perfectly.
Bildschirmfoto 2013-10-06 um 15.37.04 Sir Easy PUR licensed since February 2013
Sir Easy was licensed as a 5-year old in Münster-Handorf. The Grand Prix rider Uwe Schwanz did a great job presenting him under saddle. At the stallion pre-selection in 2011, Sir Easy had been assessed as a stallion prospect with extraordinary potential, just like his half-brother Millenium. Unfortunately he injured a leg just before the stallion licensing in Neumünster.  After pausing until his injury healed, he was systematically exercised and schooled. By February 2013 he was ready to be presented at the licensing again.