St.Pr. and Pr.Mare Hetidze van Hestebjerggaards PUR

Hetidze September 2011


Trakehner mare born on March 31, 2005
Color: black brown
Size: 1,71 m
Breeder: Mette Hansen, Boeslunde, Denmark

State Premium and Premium mare

Hemingway, born 2009, a Hibiskus son
Hadiya, filly by Schwarzgold, born June 23, 2013
best filly at the Trakehner in bavaria, canter 9,5.




 Hetidze v.H. PUR, successful on the sport stage

Hetidze is a very self-assured diva who is always willing to perform. She spoils a rider with her extremely comfortable seat and rideability. At the National Trakehner Show in Hanover in 2010 the black-brown Danish mare won the hearts of spectators and placed in a novice (A) level test for young riding horses. We were fascinated by her and after hard bargaining with her breeder, Mette Hansen, we were able to bring her to Munich.

In spring 2011 she and Grand Prix rider Uwe Schwanz, took 2nd and 3rd place in novice (A) and elementary (L) level tests for young riding and dressage horses. In fall 2011 she and Uwe Schwanz won a medium (M) level test for young dressage horses in a field of very strong competitors at a show in Rosenheim. While training during the winter months of 2011/2012 she demonstrated a lot of talent for piaffe, passage and the pirouette. More


E.H. Monteverdi
Trakehner 1996
dunkelbraun 1,68 m
E.H. TCN Partout E.H. Arogno Flaneur
Arcticonius XX
E.St. St.Pr. Pedola Donauwind
St.Pr. Miami Matador Donauwind
Mirabell III Kosmos
Trakehner 1988
schwarzbraun 1,68 m
Ibikus Hertilas Loretto
Isolda Impuls
Isola Madre
Hertha Bergsturm Georgenhorst
Bergluft II
Herba Wiedenczyk X

Trakehner life number: 208333DW00501185 DK
Percentage of Thoroughbred/Arabian bloodlines: 38.46%


Hetidze, a very doting mother – is now back under saddle, January 2014

We are very glad that our Pr.St. and St.Pr. mare Hetidze v. H. is being ridden again by the advanced (S) level dressage rider, Nicole Raili from Wessobrunn, since the beginning of January 2014. The two-year ‘foal pause’ apparently did Hetidze a lot of good – she acts like she had been ridden the whole time. She does need to build up some muscles again – and is just under saddle for the third time in the following photographs – but she’s as motivated as ever. In a few months, Nicki will probably have Hetidze back where she was two years ago – meaning basic training for piaffe, passage and pirouette.


Hetidze with her daughter Hadiya PUR at the foal registration, August 2013.

Best filly at the Trakehner in bavaria, canter 9,5.



2011 Hetidze v.H. PUR successful at shows with Uwe Schwanz


… and during her daily workout and relaxation in Sauerlach



2010 – 2011 Hetidze v.H. PUR being ridden at the Bavarian Riding and Driving Club, Olympic equestrian facility in Munich-Riem


2010 August Hetidze v.H. PUR upon arrival in Munich