Horses for sale

Here you’ll find a choice of excellent dressage horses

As breeders we sell Trakehners and selected warmbloods. Depending on your preference and goals, you can choose from a range of foals and talented young horses, as well as successful dressage stallions and mares.

Trained on the principles of classical dressage.
We provide training for our horses according to their abilities and talents, following classical riding techniques. Each of our horses is developed by a qualified trainer in a manner appropriate to its age. They have certified tests, awards, and successful competition results.

High potential.
We choose our horses very carefully. Our sires and dams are all highly talented, award-winning stallions and mares who have achieved sporting success.

Offspring of state-premium broodmares.
Along with the older horses, our yearlings and two-year-olds catch the eye with their beauty and outstanding basic gait. They all have an excellent sporting ancestry.

Easy to handle and willing to learn.
Our young, selected stock is reared in excellent conditions, growing up in medium-size groups and open stables. They are taken by the hand daily and so are friendly and easy to handle. Their genetic lineage ensures that they are intelligent, highly competitive, and keen to learn.

The horse of your dreams.
You can fully rely on our knowledge of all our horses and be assured that our description of their characteristics is genuine. Our expertise can help you find a horse that is strong in character: the horse of your dreams!

Pure pleasure.
Our goal as breeders is that anyone who acquires one of our horses will simply jump for joy every day. We know that you will only recommend us to others if you are entirely happy with your new, perfect horse.

Up-to-date information.
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