Diamond’s  Painted Black



German Reitpony

Stallion born  03. Mai 2009
Color: black-brown
Size: 147 cm (ohne Hufbeschlag)
Licensed in Hannover 2011

Breeder: Arend Jochends, Westerbur

Owner: Reinhard J. Nagel, München



2012  Champion at the Hannoveraner Landeschampionat
2013 qualified for the Bundeschampionat  in Warendorf
2014 qualified for the Bundeschampionat  in Warendorf
2015 qualified for the Bundeschampionat  in Warendorf

2015 June at the rheinischen Meisterschaften: Gold and Silver at the L- level tests for young riding and dressage horses

2015 November
1. FEI competition placed at once
2. FEI competition winning the bronze medal

Diamond’s Painted Black is a charming and as pretty as a picture

This black-brown stallion with series success in class – L and up to FEI pony class wins over his guaranty to do all the exercises safely and his sovereignty. Over the last 2 years he has been ridden and carefully trained by a 12 (now 14) year old rider. Under her saddle he won in june 2015 at the Rheinischen Meisterschaften Gold and Silver at the L- level tests for young riding and dressage horses. At his first FEI-competition in November 2015 he was placed at once. At his second FEI-competition – being the youngest and unexperienced participant – he won a bronze medal with 66,8%.

He is a heartbreaker, a charming and friendly stallion. He loves to show himself at the competitions. He learns very quickly so he is an ingenious partner for achieving the higher pony dressage levels. He is absolutely pleasent-natured and people oriented. He is easy to ride amongst mares and easy to be loaded for transport.

He is always willing to work, which makes the daily training a privilege. He is cool in the show ring as well as when riding out in the fields or forest. His behavior at home is the same as at competitions. He loves to cuddle with his rider. Under the saddle of his young rider – now 14 year old Christina Gränzdörffer-Bucher – he is placed at most of the competitions and won quite a few. Christina smiles at his special interest for big brown mares. He mumbles a little but stays cool and calm.

Reitland’s Du oder Keiner Diamond
Wester Aikemas’s Adios
Dolce Vita Don Pedro
St.Pr. Paradina
Bijou Bugatti El Brilliant
Hela LP Nemo
El Harmonie

Lebensnummer: DE 43 4340359209


Diamond’ s Painted Black 2nd Start at a FEI-Turnier im November 2015 as youngest horse winning bronze medal with 66,8



Rheinischen Meisterschaften June 2015: Diamond’s Painted Black under saddle of Christina won gold- and silver medal

Team Gränzdörfer-Bucher: Christina, Caro and Silvia

Impressions: training, paddock and competitions