Iceman PUR



Trakehner stallion born April 3, 2009

Gelding since november 2017

Color: black
Size: 1,68 m
Breeder: Rainer Kasch, Hof Heitholm
Licensed in Neumünster 2011








Iceman PUR, a picture of a stallion

“Iceman, a stallion with a very muscular body, is generously laid out, has significant croup formation, a pleasing top line and carriage that is always uphill. He’s also blessed with a beautiful face and is always concentrated …” commented the Breeding Director, Lars Gehrmann, when he was licensed in 2011.

His exceptional inner values indicate good character, intelligence and a pronounced ability to learn. He wants to give his best every day, is full of energy and tireless with a strong will to perform. And he has exceptional talent for the course. He passed his 30-day aptitude test in show jumping and dressage in December 2012.

Iceman PUR has the potential to become a significant refinement stallion and a great athlete because of his double talent. His pedigree joins the advanced (S) level dressage stallions Ovaro, Hohenstein, Schiffon (USA) and Kostolany. His bloodlines are made even more attractive by a statement in regard to sport through line breeding back to Kostolany, Hämelschenburg’s  great main sire, who not only passes on dressage traits but also outstanding genes for show jumping. more


Prämienhengst 2001
Rappe 1,68 m

E.H. Hohenstein E.H. Caprimond  Karon
 Capri VI
E.St. Helena XIV  Matador
 Harpune II
E.St. Odessa XI E.H. Kostolany  Enrico Caruso
Odett  Kurfürst
Trakehner 2004
Schiffon E.H. Anduc  Marduc
Surprise  Mago XX
 Schwarze Dafne
Iberia V E.H. Kostolany
 Enrico Caruso
St.Pr. Ibiza V  Chopstick

Trakehner life number DE409090190509
Percentage of Thoroughbred/Arabian: 26.17%


Iceman PUR in August 2014 first place at his first test level A with Christoph Winkels

Iceman PUR in April 2014 starting to be  trained by the Grand Prix rider, Christoph Winkels, at the Bavarian Riding and Driving Club, Olympic equestrian facility in Munich-Riem



Iceman PUR while training under Giggi Lindner in March sun 2014


Iceman PUR has been schooled in jumping since November 2013 by Giggi Lindner, State Stud Landshut riding club

Giggi and Iceman got along with each other very well right from the beginning. “He’s one of those horses with an absolutely good character who never disappoints you”, she swarms. Iceman is an athlete with versatile talents and enjoys being praised and admired for his performance. As thanks, he  puts on his charm and is always rearing to go.

We are extremely pleased that he is being schooled and trained by Giggi Lindner who is a master rider and an experienced show jumping rider. With her fine hand and patient manner, she will ensure that Iceman’s ever present willingness to perform and his highly electric ability to react will lead him up the ladder in sport.

Especially since Giggi has experience in recognizing talented jumpers and is able to teach them to pay careful attention and want to have faultless rounds themselves! Their first places so far, all the way to winning at the Bundeschampionat in Warendorf, are the natural result of her patient and well-timed schooling.




Iceman PUR being schooled in jumping May 2013




Iceman PUR in September 2012

Best 3-year old in his first test at a show and 2nd place in the test for 3-4-year old riding horses.

Iceman PUR being trained by the Grand Prix rider, Uwe Schwanz, Sauerlach 2012

In a paddock in May 2012




Free jumping for the first time at Hof Heitholm, beginning of December 2011


Iceman PUR at the licensing in Neumünster, October 2011