Sir Easy PUR


Trakehner stallion born March 28, 2008
Color: black-brown

Size: 1,76 m
Breeder: Heinrich Röttger, Lübeck

Licensed under saddle on February 8, 2013

Approved for the horse breeding societies:
Trakehner, Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar, Baden-Württemberg,
Bavaria, Sachsen-Thüringen, Brandenburg-Anhalt
(all southern German Verbands) and Oldenburg.




Sir Easy PUR – exemplary ride ability, extremely noble 


In November 2013 under the saddle of Melanie Tewes, an advanced (S) level dressage rider at Dressur-Leistungszentrum Lodbergen

Photos from Jutta Bauernschmitt, Dr. Tanja Becker

Sir Easy PUR, a noble, self-assured Trakehner with exemplary rideability

Sir Easy has a classy look and a very self-assured, masculine personality. He’s always friendly and willing to perform. Blessed with long legs and with an imposing silhouette, you can’t help but be impressed by the mechanics of his outstanding gaits. Well-schooled and mature, his talents for upper level dressage are obvious.

Sir Easy was licensed under saddle as a five-year old  in 2013 in Münster-Handorf. He made a strong impact with his first rate rideability and his overall sporty-noble impression.

Just like his half-brother Millenium, he earned a lot of points at the stallion pre-selection because of his exceptional potential but unfortunately he injured a leg while in the exercise machine and was not able to participate in the 2010 stallion licensing in Neumünster. After he recuperated completely, he was systematically built up and trained by the Grand Prix rider, Grand Prix rider, Uwe Schwanz.

The advanced (S) level dressage rider Melanie Tewes at Dressurlei­stungszentrum Lodbergen has been training him since July 2013. After just three weeks of getting to know each other, she won silver with him at the National Trakehner Show. Five-year old Sir Easy was the best stallion of his age group in the elementary (L) level test for 5 and 6-year old dressage horses and once again demonstrated his elegant appearance, outstanding rideability and good suppleness.

A formula for making progress in breeding: Easy Game x E.H. Tuareg  x a reliable dam line!


With the Elite stallion Gribaldi (2013 second best dressage-maker in the world) and Elite stallion Tuareg, two extremely successful dressage stars intermingle. Sir Easy is therefore inbred through his sire and the dam’s sire over the Thoroughbred stallion, Pasteur xx.
His impressive sire Easy Game – trained by Joop van Uytert – immediately won advanced (S) level dressage tests. Millennium, Easy Game’s second son, produced foal crops in 2012 and 2013 that received a lot of attention.


Sir Easy’s dam’s family is especially valuable when it comes to breeding sport horses. more


Easy Game
Trakehner 2003
dunkelbraun 1,73 m
E.H. Gribaldi E.H.Kostolany  Enrico Caruso
E.St. Gondola II  Ibikus
 Gloria VI
Pr.St. Evita XII Schwadroneur  Arogno
Elica  Cannon Row xx
Sommernacht IV
Trakehner 1992
E.H. Tuareg
Radom  Mahagoni
E.St. Tilsit III  Herzbube
Schatzinsel Inselkönig
Sonatine  Traumulus

Trakehner DE409090042008
Percentage of Thoroughbred/Arabian: 27.72%


Sir Easy PUR – National Trakehner Show, July 2013 with the advanced (S) level dressage rider, Melanie Tewes

Result: Sir Easy took 2nd place and was the best stallion in the elementary (L) level dressage test for 5 and 6-year olds.


Sir Easy PUR – 2nd son of Easy Game to be licensed – his first appearance after the saddle licensing with Grand Prix rider Uwe Schwanz, February 8, 2013


Sir Easy PUR licensed in Münster-Handorf, February 8, 2013


Sir Easy PUR begins jumper schooling with trainer Jörn Höibye, July 2012



March 2012 Sir Easy PUR entering his first show



March 2012 Sir Easy PUR  – first test at a show, Reserve Champion


Sir Easy PUR in August 2011 being trained by Grand Prix rider Uwe Schwanz


Sir Easy PUR as of April 2011 at the facility of Grand Prix rider Uwe Schwanz, Sauerlach