About Sportpferde PUR


Sportpferde PUR started with the selection of very special horses in 2010. Their genetic potential gives good reason to hope for outstanding performance in sport. Focus is on the Trakehner horse which is sensitive, highly refined and capable of the highest achievements.

In addition, Sportpferde PUR will also breed and raise horses that have inherited their great potential  from Warmblood lines who have sustainable success.

What are the goals?

The horses we breed and raise should be in demand in top sport. They should form winning teams with top riders and dedicated amateurs. Sustainable healthy performance, joy and enthusiasm are to be realized in the art of riding – dressage.

How this is to be achieved?

Through permanent further development of know-how in breeding which remains open on all sides and is oriented to big time sport.

In pure-bred Trakehners we find the  strong performance, pronounced type, sensitivity and fine feeling that we especially appreciate. By breeding representatives from the successful Warmblood lines we see additional good chances for developing our sport horse breeding endeavors.

The selection of premium mares and stallions takes place with the utmost care based on quality characteristics that are oriented to the ideal image of top sport. The progress that is made in breeding should be visible in our own offspring and the horses we raise.

What is most important?

The way we work in coaching, which comes from humanistic psychology – to support and build self-confidence and to strengthen the individual – we transfer to our work with the horses.  Best performance is only sustainable if body, mind and soul are promoted as a whole – for riders and horses.

One of our basic principles is win-win or no cooperation. So we have a trusting relationship when we work with our cooperation partners.

We highly appreciate riders and trainers working with classical riding lessons. Ingrid Klimke, Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, Helen Langehanenberg, Monika Theodores, Klaus Balkenhol,  Jonny Hilberath, Oliver Oelrich and others are experts and models. They live what he “preaches”, many Grand Prix riders and trainers only talk about classical riding.

Sportpferde PUR values the outstanding achievements of experienced breeders whose foundations we can build on. Trakehner breeders and partners in particular  support us to achieve further progress.



Founder is Reinhard J. Nagel, Dipl. Social Scientist, psychologist, sport educator, Dipl. Ing. Architecture, former Director of Führungsakademie für den Mittelstand GmbH [Management Academy for Medium-Sized Companies], mental trainer and coach in performance sport, Feldenkrais teacher, teaching trainer and teacher of neurolinguistic programming.

First experience in breeding during the 90s in Oldenburg with 3 broodmares – an Oldenburg, a Trakehner and a Westphalian mare. They were bred to Donnerhall, Rubinstein, Nobel Rio XX, Plaisier d’Amour and other top sires.

Return to promoting sport horses, breeding and raising as of 2010.